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Launch your career in Canada

Most newcomers feel lost when searching for their first job in Canada while employers are hesitant to hire candidates with no "Canadian Experience".

We will guide you through every step of your job search - from nailing your pitch to landing your job and negotiating your offer.

Build your skills inventory

Develop clear idea of what you're good at, what your ideal job looks like and articulate your value to prospective employers.

Tell your story

Build your personal pitch, polish your resume and design a rockstar Linkedin page.

Gain confidence in your job search

Practice in mock interviews and learn how to access the hidden job market.

Build your network

Build friendships with classmates working in breakouts, and make connections to kickstart your career network in Canada that will pay off in the future.

Land your dream job

Evaluate your prospective employer for what your value the most and negotiate the offer that you're happy with.
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Who we are

15 years in Canada working in technology, marketing, energy and engineering. We create practical, insightful and educational content and bring the newcomer community together to help them excel and thrive in Canada.

Join us on our journey as we share stories, insights, and tips and make that change. ❤️

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